Acura Integra (Totaled)

Purchased April 21, 2003 • Totaled December 4, 2006

My Integra was easily the best car I've ever owned, I just didn't realize it at the time. It was a high school graduation present, which was a pretty massive accomplishment for my otherwise somewhat poor family. It was relatively low-mileage, with about 70,000 miles the day we bought it, and in amazingly good condition. I didn't modify it much, aside from electronics (added a stereo, CB radio, and later, a HAM radio), but I wanted to. I hadn't yet moved out of my "ricer" phase. It was a ton of fun to drive, too, definitely the sportiest car I'd ever had, and quite luxurious.

It was totalled in 2006, when I was rear-ended by an unlicensed high school student. And, while I was considering replacing it at the time, I cried like I lost a beloved pet when I said goodbye to it for the last time. I truly loved it, and I still miss it whenever I see a silver Integra around town.